Malta Campaign Game 26

Two incoming raids close together have been detected forming up over Pantelleria and the RAF have mustered what forces they can, [Read more…]

First game of the year pt 2

On Wednesday night we continued the game we started last week, the French having managed to punch through the British line [Read more…]

6mm Adler British Generals

The results of a couple of hours of painting this weekend. These figures are code BN21C and are very nice. Having said [Read more…]

First game of the year

This game is a Napoleonic fictional battle set in Spain. Its designed to get my opponents used to the Principles of War rules and [Read more…]

First post of the new year

I’d intended posting this round up of 2010 and a list of my plans for 2011 before New Years Day but as ever I wasn’t organised enough! [Read more…]