Campaign System – So far, so good!

There seems to be a number of people interested in this judging from the numbers of followers I’ve gained in the last week so Hello! to all of you, old and new acquaintances alike.

The campaign has been running for a week now, and fingers crossed, touch wood etc, things have been going well with the system. Unfortunately I have had to boot one of my players due to a very insulting comment left on the blog which traced back to him so we’re down to 3 French players. If anyone fancies having a go at filling in, then let me know.

We’ve not had a battle yet but the signs are that we’re building up to one in the vicinity of Valladolid. Anglo-Portuguese Cavalry has been sighted there yesterday and I was expecting Marshal Victor to push them out today or set up for a fight tomorrow, but no such movement was made. I’m wondering if there’s a cunning plan involved, or if I’m guessing his location correctly in the first place!

One of the major shortcomings in the system has been the lack of working garrison and siege code, which meant that the French have poured over the border and captured the border fortresses with ease. Thats something that I really should have thought about before starting. I’m pretty sure that I’ve fixed it now and will be implementing it shortly.

Here’s a collection of screenshots from the system, as it’s occurred to me that so far most of you have only really seen the changelog and the login screen!

This screen shows the Orders screen, which as you can see contains a list of the brigades and commanders on the left. The player can select multiple choices here, then give them a destination and/or intermediate or waypoint direction. This allows the player to fine tune which route he wants troops to take, and also extend orders out to 6 legs away. Under the destination boxes, are a series of dropdowns and tick boxes which allow the setting of specific choices, Standing orders when meeting the enemy, priority for traveling down busy roads etc.

Here the player can review orders he’s sent to his units to refresh his memory!

This screen shows messages recieved. New messages are highlighted in the table in green and the blue headers allow sorting of the messages in ascending and descending order. I’ll eventually add some sort of filtering here.

This screen allows the player to look at the makeup of his brigades. Although the smallest element in the system is the Brigade, some small games may entail battalion or regiment level actions, so these units are all stored and viewable here. It also shows the morale/experience class.

This is the Headquarters screen, which shows a breakdown of information that is visible from the players current position. It gives a list of the roads out of their current location, the details of friendly troops at surrounding towns and also gives the player the opportunity to view road classifications on any town in the game.

The feedback from the players so far has been pretty positive and I’m hoping that they are having as much fun as I am. Hopefully the next update will have news of battle being met, and miniatures being required for duty. I’ll also try and find a satisfactory method of posting an image of movement so far on a map for those who are interested.