Somewhere in Spain – PoW AAR pt2

If you’re reading this, I hope you’ve read the first part otherwise it’s not going to make much sense to you! Got another two turns played today and the game has turned on it’s head from what I thought would happen. [Read more…]

Somewhere in Spain – PoW AAR Pt1

Having had a cracking game with Goat Major and Matt on Saturday and having the house to myself for the next few weeks during the day, I decided to leave the tables up and play a Napoleonic game solo, spacing the turns out while working on the Campaign System [Read more…]

Anglo-Portuguese Army 1810

I’ve based my 6mm Anglo-Portuguese army on the order of battle in George Nafziger’s “The Anglo-Portuguese Army September [Read more…]

Raiden bf109Es

A couple of weekends ago I painted up the remaining 6 Raiden 109E’s that I had left. The models themselves are lovely and crisp, and I’ve painted them in as [Read more…]

6mm Adler Spanish

I have been looking at expanding the Peninsular options available and buying a Spanish army. I bought a couple [Read more…]