Chain of Command – Maltot Campaign Game 1 (Part 1)

I’ve had At The Sharp End for a while as well as most of the Pint Sized Campaigns but as a group we moved from Chain of Command a while ago due to a few bad dice runs which saw one side get no or little opportunity to do anything. Anyway, we have opted to run through a campaign for a few weeks. I debated using Combat Patrol but decided to give CoC another go so we are going to play the Maltot abbreviated map campaign from the At The Sharp End book.

We adjudged the German platoon commander to be a veteran so rolled for his outlook and other stats leading to him being a thoughtful overweight teacher of 29, while the British platoon leader is a 27 year old strapping 6ft minor noble…(yes, they both rolled snake eyes!)

For the first game which is a patrol, the Germans opted for Tiger Fire Support and an Adjutant, while the British took an extra 2″ mortar team. The patrol phase was a bit more tactical than last weeks practice/refresher game and saw the two sides both attempt to manouvre on their opponent’s right flanks. 3 jump off points were placed each and it was time to go.

The british had the higher force morale (10 v 9) so went first and deployed a PIAT team to make a move towards the more isolated German Jump Of Point while deploying a 2″ mortar to begin laying down smoke in front of the hedge that the two remaining German JOP could deploy behind. An at the double move pushed them further forward but accrued shock. The Germans retaliated by deploying a squad and opening up on the PIAT and causing shock and a casualty and the team broke losing a point of Force Morale.

On the British right a section deployed behind the hedge to advance on the two JOP forcing the Germans to deploy and open fire at effective range. Another section then joined the fray during a double phase but both sections took casualties from fire before the 2″ mortars could fully conceal their advance.

And that’s where we had to leave it due to the late start and refreshing rules and rolling campaign characters etc.