Chain of Command – Maltot Campaign Game 1 (Part 2)

The first game was picked up again from where we left off. Sadly, it wasn’t a good experience for the men of 12 Platoon. With heavy casualties mounting and no obvious way of inflicting more on the enemy than they were taking, the British opted to withdraw and rethink their strategy. At the end of the first game the British were down around a section of men, their inability to get lightly wounded men back even missing a game is a significant hinderence. The Germans were down 3 men but two of those would be coming back later.

A couple of shots of the latter stages of the first Turn game.

For game two a couple of things had been ironed out with rules and understanding, the British had access to a pre game barrage and so used their support points on that while the Germans once again opted for an adjutant.

A better patrol phase saw the British a bit further towards the hedgeline and a strong first couple of phases meant they had deployed and were engaging the enemy in the hedgeline. The pregame barrage interrupted the German deployment and as the game progressed despite a number of British casualties the Germans opted to voluntarily withdraw from the table before their casualties could mount further.

At the end of Turn 2 (Table 1) the British were down 13 men and the Germans down 3. Unsurprisingly the men’s opinion was not positive for the British while the German opinions remained in the middle ranges giving no bonuses or penalties.